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The Photographer

 Ten years ago I picked up a camera and looked through the lens. Life suddenly came into focus.
 Early on, the art and process of film photography prepared me for the widely-expanding digital age. My talents were further cultivated at Boston University’s prestigious Center for Digital Imaging and Arts, where I completed the photography course of study. The interactive nature of the program, along with the experience of shooting and refining approximately 85,000 images, honed my attention to the fine details and technical aspects of photography. The sum-total of my training and years of field experience yielded the uncanny ability to connect moments in time with meaning and perspective, rather than simple snapshots lacking relevance. Photographic passion and unique composition unite to create timeless images.  

The Reason

 I do what I do because I love it. It’s art and science and creativity all rolled up in one. I relish a client’s emotional reaction when they begin to appreciate what I viewed through the lens and captured with a click of a button. Whether a gasp at a breathtaking landscape, a bride’s sentimental ohs and ahs of wedding moments she forgot or simply missed, or the profound awe at capturing incredible action, all responses flame my passion for focused excellence.   

The What

 Regardless of venue, I pledge to you my very best in memorializing your event through photographs. It might be a family gathering, a party or wedding, or perhaps a sporting event or competition. Maybe you want to preserve the simplicity of a moment or the grandeur of a mountaintop. Additionally, you may have a business event, a social gathering, or entrepreneurial effort that cry out to be documented. Whatever the occasion, I promise to give you the finest in lasting memories. 

 Why 614 Studio? That story began as I was growing up. Peter and I were both neighbors and friends. We played together, scooted along forest trails on motorbikes, and probably took more chances than we should have. My birthday was July 14; his June 14. We never forgot.
 Peter tragically died way too soon. Still, I remember. The motorcycle I race bears #614. The company I own is Studio 614. That trio of numerals tie together the past and the present.  614 reminds me that life is short. 614 reminds me how important it is to live life carefully and intentionally. 614 acknowledges that though we cannot change the past, we can celebrate the present and purpose for an extraordinary future.

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